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Reform old Owl's Creek Golf course into Disc Golf Course

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The Owl's Creek Golf course just down the road from the resort area in Virginia Beach closed its gates in the summer of 2016. The land has sat vacant since then. I propose that the existing area be remade into a beautiful disc golf course. The city currently has 2 Parks and Recreation run courses, Bayville and Munden Point. Both courses are great, however, they both have their downsides. Munden Point is a long drive to play, being almost to the North Carolina state line; Bayville is a small, tight, wooded course located not far from the Chesapeake Beach area of the city. Bringing a third course to the city, in the resort area, would be beneficial in multiple ways and present a variety of opportunities. The space could be used in both the full area, with the private and city owned space creating the opportunity for two full courses while keeping the driving range for disc golf as well; however, a course could be put in just the city owned land taking away the driving range and using the seven holes north of the proshop. The possibility of using either option can not only do a tremendous aid in growing the sport, but being near the resort area can push the course as both a pro course and a family disc golf course. The city could make use of the resort area to attract use to the course, and have capital that could be profit or for upkeep of the course brought from disc rental, day passes, and annual passes. The existing proshop can be either made into a disc golf shop by the city, or leased to a private business owner to run and have the availability to provide new discs for tourists that want to give the sport a try. Lastly, the course, if done correctly, has the potential to attract a pro tier event to the city, bringing lots of business regarding disc golf to the area. An added perk to having a city run disc golf course that is solely dedicated to disc golf and not attached to another park is the opportunity for running specialty camps and clinics through parks and recreation or through renting out the course. Parents are always looking for new, no contact, sports to have their children start playing, so a camp or sports league could fit nicely in a dedicated course such as a location at Owl's Creek. Additionally, if lighting was added to illuminate the fairways, the course could be kept open until an appropriate hour to go along with the resort area night life. Lastly, something fun and different that could help attract tourism to the course would be to add a disc golf themed putt putt, making use of lights and obstacles to make it challenging and fun for families and avid players. Please take all of this into consideration, for there are many perks to putting a new disc golf course in where Owl's Creek Golf Course was located. 

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