CLUTCHING AT STRAWS - How are they still a thing??

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Mass single-use plastics are a huge problem, ending up as toxic landfill and contributing to the destruction of ocean ecosystems. So why are single-use plastic straws still a thing???

Did you know....the very first plastic straw you ever used in your life is still on this planet and will outlive you and everyone else you know?!! It takes at least 450 years for a plastic straw to even partially decompose.

There is a global movement away from the use of disposable plastics, and many bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes are joining the message by eliminating plastic straws from their venues. Public education is also encouraging consumers to be more aware of their own usage. 

In an effort to contribute to this positive movement we are aiming to encourage the reduction of single-use straws in a district of Perth that is home to a number of hospitality venues, the City of Vincent.

Every day over half a billion plastic straws are used once and thrown away. By 2050 there will be more straws than fish in the ocean by weight. There is a very simple way to change these statistics for the better!

What are we proposing?

  • We respectfully propose the City of Vincent considers the implementation of a 'supply on request only' of plastic straws in all hospitality venues within the city's boundaries.

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