Petition to rename Columbus Park to Bruno Giordano Park in Downtown Stamford

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In response to the murder of George Floyd, many of America’s problematic and oppressive aspects are being openly questioned.  As a part of this movement, on June 11th 2020, the statue of Christopher Columbus in downtown Stamford Connecticut was vandalized. On top of that, there have been calls to rename the park and in other Connecticut cities the statues are coming down.

Though we are sympathetic to the pleas of the petition mentioned above, we think a better solution would instead rename the park after Stamford’s first Italian mayor Bruno Giordano. We also believe that the statue should be removed and preserved in a location where it can be recontextualized. Our goal is to reach 10,000 signatures.

The historic record of Columbus and his deeds is settled. Even though his role in linking the world was monumental, his actions towards the Native Americans were heinous and cruel. This is undisputed and anyone who says otherwise is not interested in historical fact.

We realize that Columbus is more than a historical figure to Italian Americans. He has become a symbol of the Italian involvement in the founding of the Americas. However, this adoption by Italian Americans happened in a different context when many in the Italian diaspora were struggling to assimilate. We are assimilated now and our context has changed.

We believe that Bruno Giordano better reflects the history of Italians in Stamford. Giordano was the first Italian mayor of Stamford and a lifelong public figure who dedicated himself to the “City That Works” and its Italian American community.  

This petition was created out of our love for the Italian American community of Stamford and as an argument to keep this corner of our great city to its original intent; an acknowledgment of Italian American contributions in the city. Columbus has to go, but Italian Americans should have a say to what takes his place. 

Maria Altamura (2nd Generation Italian American)

Stephen J. Cerulli (5th Generation Italian American)

Tim Abbazia (2nd Generation Italian American)  

For further reading on the subject check out: “Recontextualizing the Ocean Blue Italian Americans and the Commemoration of Columbus” By Laura E. Ruberto and Joseph Sciorra

For a historical understanding of monuments check out: "Top historians: A monument is not history."