St. Augustine: Stop The Animal Cruelty, Withdrawl From The Horse Carriage Industry!!!

St. Augustine: Stop The Animal Cruelty, Withdrawl From The Horse Carriage Industry!!!

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This petition represents the public's interest in the removal and prohibition of horse-drawn carriages in St. Augustine, Florida.

The City of St. Augustine has franchise agreements with horse carriage companies, which is believed to be the main reason why the city's elected officials have chosen profit over the public's safety and the safety and well-being of carriage horses. A growing number of Florida cities, as well as other states, and countries have banned the outdated practice. 

St. Augustine carriage horses are forced to work in Florida's scorching heat and humidity. They have to maneuver through congested streets, dodging pedestrians, bicycles, trolleys, and other vehicles. The horses have no choice but to inhale exhaust fumes leading to respiratory issues. Carriage horses are often overworked to the point of exhaustion, even with the strictest regulations in place. Lameness and other chronic medical problems are exacerbated by standing on hard surfaces for extended periods. In addition, the bridle and bits used to control the horse can cause considerable damage to their cranial nerves. Horses also have a higher density of nerve endings, which means horses experience pain more intensely than humans. 

Horses are prey animals whose instinct is to retreat from danger. One loud noise can spook a horse and cause them to run into traffic, crowds, and objects. As a result, many horses and people have been injured and killed.

It's time for America's Oldest City to evolve and make this antiquated practice that exploits and endangers horses and people a thing of the past.

Please watch BLINDERS: The Truth Behind the Tradition.


1. Educational outreach and protest participation. Visit our website to learn how to set up a protest and download free posters and flyers.

2. Support the groups and organizations working to ban horse-drawn carriages. Follow them on social media for calls to action—sign & share petitions.

3. Email & call St. Augustine's Mayor and Commissioners.

4. Attend St. Augustine's Commission meetings to speak up for horses.

5. Know the laws and ordinances governing the horse-drawn carriage industry

6. Document and report all incidents to local law enforcement. You can also send us the documentation and we will pursue it further. 


The St. Augustine Police Department.

Non-emergency phone: 904.825.1070



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1,625 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!