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Support Sitka Seedling Farms

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To the City of Sitka,

As you know, Sitka is dependent on food transported from down south for most of our food needs, and the price of food is a major contributor to Sitka’s high cost of living. We, the people of Sitka, believe that developing a local agricultural economy is a necessary and critical need in our community. The price of food in Sitka is more than 20% higher than in Juneau, and the average family of four pays more than $200 a week on groceries. Not only is our food system brittle in the event of transportation disruptions, this represents a major drain on the local economy. If only 500 households were able to spend $50 a week on locally produced food, it would translate into 1.3 million dollars re-circulating through the local economy each year. Yet Sitkans have little access to locally grown food, despite high demand.

For these reasons and more, we are writing in support of the Sitka Seedling Farms project. Sitka Seedling Farms is an initiative to meet Sitka’s food system needs in a thought-out, comprehensive way. Many food-related initiatives have been proposed over the last several years, from community greenhouses to municipal composting, but the common limiting factor has been lack of space. Sitka Seedling Farms seeks to solve this problem by developing the resources Sitka’s food system needs to thrive, such as production space for food entrepreneurs, community greenhouses, food storage and processing facilities, organic waste management capacity and more. But Sitka Seedling Farms will require your help to access the land our community needs to develop a new agricultural economy. We, the people of Sitka, are showing our support for Sitka Seedling Farms, and it is our hope that the City of Sitka reflects this support through the land planning and acquisition process.


The People of Sitka

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