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Stop GASSING Sherman Animal Shelter pets to DEATH

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All but 35 cities/counties in Texas do not gas their animal shelter pets to death. Sherman, Texas is a city who does GAS their animal shelter pets. Carbon Monoxide gassing is inhumane and more costly than injection euthanasia. Often, animals are grouped together in the small chamber afraid and crying. They struggle to escape as the poisonous gas starts to fill the chamber. Some of them injure themselves and each other. It takes up to 30 minutes for an animal to die in the chambers. There are numerous stories of animals who survive and are alive, but injured, when they are put in the garbage or freezers. This practice is outdated, inhumane and needs to be BANNED in city of Sherman, Texas.

"The sound of the gas entering the chamber may cause fear in some animals, especially cats. Animals may become restless or aggressive, further stressing other animals. The gas does NOT immediately render the animals unconscious. Some animals may go through a period of resistance and dogs may vocalize or howl while becoming rigid. Animals are to be left in the chamber for and exposed to the gas for a minimum of 30 minutes to ensure death."

Recent studies have shown that injection euthanasia is more cost effective than carbon monoxide gas euthanasia. A cost study done by the HSUS in 2007 indicated that carbon monoxide is more expensive than injection.

Injection euthanasia cost per animal $2.29

Carbon monoxide cost per animal $4.98 2 operators

Carbon monoxide cost per animal $4.66 (no tranquilizer) 2 operators

Carbon monoxide cost per animal $3.09 1 operator

Carbon monoxide cost per animal $2.77 (no tranquilizer) 1 operator

Cost analysis matrix uses actual 2007 cost & animal data from a municipal animal control agency in N. Carolina.

"Euthanasia by gassing is inhumane and cruel. It allows for much more error, pain and suffering on the animal. There are various testimonials from former animal control officers and staff that while using a gas chamber to euthanize animals they witnessed the following instances:

A cat ran back and forth in the chamber for several minutes. He jumped and slammed his body against the cage to try and escape. Terrified cats huddle in piles or cling to the ceiling of the metal grating.

A puppy was gassed along with numerous other animals in a chamber. He survived the gassing and was left crying. He was then gassed a second time. On the third attempt, he died.

A husky's rusty crate was wheeled into the chamber. The door slammed shut and the switch flicked. The husky scratched at the door and raised its head, swinging it from side to side as he howled. He then collapsed, unconscious, but was not dead.

The howling of dogs coming from the chamber was deafening. It sounded so loud and awful. They could be heard for up to 45 seconds. Often the radio was turned up so as to avoid hearing them.

Often when multiple animals are placed in a chamber at the same time and gassed together, they injure themselves and each other in their terror."

Please tell the city of Sherman, Texas to ban gassing animal shelter pets.

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