Remove City Administrator Donald Wayman: Racism and Sexual Violence in Selah’s Leadership.

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Donald Wayman is unfit to serve the City of Selah because he is a sexual predator who has publicly expressed violent intentions against our own constituents.

Based on court documents, in 2012 Donald Wayman entered a no-contest plea to a sexual assault charge on a young student in Granbury, TX.

The charge was based on an underage female student’s accusation that Wayman, then overseeing the Marine Corp Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program at Granbury Independent high school, grabbed her by the hips, rubbed against her and kissed her on the lips, after making comments prior about her body, sexuality, and soliciting a relationship with her, the documents state. The school district’s investigation recommended Wayman be fired, but he was fined and instead resigned, receiving a neutral reference from the school district as part of the agreement with the school.

In June 2020 Donald Wayman attended (in a professional capacity) a racial equality march, and expressed his dissatisfaction by calling the peaceful protesters "communist" and threatened participants by directly stating his desire to see the community use their concealed weapons forcefully on protesters, while patting his own concealed weapon.

Donald Wayman has been the City Administrator for the City of Selah since April 2015. The Mayor of Selah and the City Council must remove Donald Wayman from his position without further pay or severance so that the people who reside in Selah can rest assured a racist, sexual predator is not in a position of leadership or influence, as he is a threat to all children, women, and People of Color. The City of Selah must not, itself, be represented by such actions, or endorse them as acceptable by insisting on tax payers’ support.