Shut San Angelo Lodge & El Patio Inn Down for good

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The San Angelo Lodge & El Patio Inn have always been notorious for drug dealing and prostitution. And they still currently are. The owner does not care to help keep our community safe. He only cares about the revenue in his pocket. We have been finding needles constantly in our front and back yard. We have witnessed drug deals go on all throughout the night and day. We have made complaints to the motels and they say it’s not their problem. We call non emergency dispatch all the time, still nothing is being done. How would you feel if you walk out of your front door and see drug deals going on? The dangers of drug dealers, comes with guns and violence. Or how would you feel to walk into your back yard and find needles that your children can pick up or even your fur babies? Something needs to be done. A change has to be made. And it all starts with our community. So please, let’s all get together as a community and get this place shut down for good! Let’s keep our children safe and protected from the “guests” that stay there. I have proof and a person to testify that the owner allows sex offenders to stay there, which shouldn’t be allowed because TLCA sits right next door to them. HELP KEEP OUR COMMUNITY SAFE AND PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION! HELP BE THE CHANGE IN THIS COMMUNITY!! It all begins with us! 

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