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Protect The Camp Ellis Cats

NOTE:  This petition was created by Dr. Eleanor Saboski and recreated for online use by Melissa Gates of Animal Rights Maine, in order to help facilitate ease of access for signatories wishing to voice support for the Camp Ellis Cats & the Wormwood family. 
To learn more about this case, please see: and navigate to the post titled, "CATS IN DANGER."
WE, the undersigned, do not want the cats at Camp Ellis to be removed from Camp Ellis or deliberately harmed in any way whatsoever! 
These cats provide a valuable service by controlling the rat and mouse population.  For the past year ,TNR, rabies and health checks have been done on these cats, and we will continue to do so until all cats there have been treated.  The colony is fed daily and has shelter. If any persons deliberately harm the cats, evidence  will be collected, and these persons will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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  • The City of Saco, Maine

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