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Bring More Funding to Our Local Shelter to Make MCHS a NO-KILL Shelter.


As humans are fed, watered, taken care of, and loved every year, over 1,880 of man’s best friends are not. For years, animals of all shapes and sizes have been beaten and brought to animal shelters all around the world. That is, animal KILL shelters. Because of the lack of limited space in shelters, these organizations have to euthanize animals that have been there for a certain amount of time. Although we can’t change every animal shelters’ situation, we can make a change locally, at the Marshall County Humane Society.

Due to the lack of funding at the Marshall County Humane Society, it is not only unfair for the volunteers and workers there, but the animals as well. As more animals are brought in and less space is available, the MCHS has to put down animals to make more room. There is also a lack of workers and volunteers at the MCHS, which makes it even harder to take care of the animals there. Possessing the lack of funding is unfair for the humane society, because they are unable to do their job and take care of the animals there.  

As stated above, more than just people are being affected by this situation. Over 3.5 million animals are euthanized each year due to the amount of existing kill shelters. If we were able to change the amount of funding given to our local shelter, we could help the animals live longer, provide the workers and volunteers with more supplies, and help put a stop to animal abuse, excessive breeding, and kill shelters. If this petition is made a success, it could also majorly impact our community’s view of modern day animal rights, because they will realize how negative our community is to animals. A lot of the time, people don’t understand the issues that the Marshall County Humane Society face, which causes less people to volunteer, donate, or think before dropping their dog or cat off on the side of the road.

In order to fix this issue, we feel that the Marshall County Humane Society should receive more funding from the City of Plymouth. This is because the MCHS has to put down multiple animals each year, due to the unavailable space, especially during the summer months. Each of the animals put down could potentially have a longer and healthier life with more space at the shelter. The MCHS also needs common items, such as food, cat litter, and blankets, to keep the animals healthy. These needed supplies could come from the funding as well. A third positive effect more funding could have on the MCHS regards their Adopt-A-Classroom program. They would be able to bring more awareness to it, as well as more knowledge to the future adults of our community. The Adopt-A-Classroom program is a program that teaches kids how to properly take care of a pet and the responsibilities of pet care. If they have more funds to do this, the program will go to an elementary school and teach students about pet and animal care. This program will take place at Plymouth Community Schools, with a $30 contribution to the shelter per classroom. We propose that instead of providing the Marshall County Humane Society with less than 1% of our taxes, we would like them to provide them with 4% of our taxes. We believe that the further extent of funds will help the MCHS obtain more space, bring more awareness to the community, and provide healthier lives for the homeless pets.

Overall, the ideas of giving the Marshall County Humane Society more funding would not only fulfil the needs above, but also do the following: make it easier and less stressful on MCHS volunteers, stop animal abuse before it starts, and help people to understand the benefits of dropping your pet off at MCHS if you can’t take care of it anymore. For example, more funding would help volunteers know that the homeless animals that come in are getting what they need to survive until they’re adopted. Along with this, less animals will come into the shelter if the kids participating in the Adopt-A-Classroom program have knowledge about animal abuse, so we can stop it before it starts, which means less homeless animals! Lastly, we look at the hesitation some people have when not being able to take care of their animal any longer. Some people are too embarrassed to owner release their pet, so they drop them off in the country or on the side of the road. If Marshall County Humane Society was turned into a no kill shelter, people would most likely feel more comfortable with dropping their beloved pet off, knowing they would eventually be adopted.

As you can see, our goal is to change people’s thoughts on animal abuse and how kill-shelters tie into this. Please join us in signing this petition to help the MCHS become a no-kill shelter.





Audrey Himes, LJH Innovation Academy Learner

Maggie Nate, LJH Innovation Academy Learner

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