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Save Constitution Green Park!

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It has come to the attention of Orlando residents that one of the oldest living oaks that resides in a park-space on the edge of Thornton Park, Constitution Green, is going to potentially be chopped down as the Caruso family who owns the property is looking to sell to private developers. These private developers would most likely use the land to build even more residential buildings in the downtown area. 

The live oak that resides in the park is said to be nearly 200 years old and has branches that extend down from the tree and onto the ground. For anyone living or visiting the downtown area, most know how beautiful the tree is and how much of a detriment it would be to lose such an amazing historical tree. The tree has even been placed on the city's map of "significant" trees. Most residents currently use the park space as an area to walk and play with their dog, set up games such as volleyball and soccer, and much more. 

While the green space is privately owned by the Caruso family, the City of Orlando has been leasing it for quite some time; this includes paying the taxes and carrying the cost of the property. Leaders in the downtown area, such as Commissioner Patty Sheehan and  the Orange County Soil and Water Supervisor Eric Rollings, have come out against the potential sale of the land to make way for potential housing developments. Here is what Eric Rollings has said about the situation:

"For almost 300 years, before ORLANDO even had it's name this tree and the other massive old growth trees made this iconic green space part of why Thorton Park is so well loved.

Now it is threatened to be just another building. Commissioner Patty Sheehan has been trying to work with the family that has own the land that wants it to be "developed" but has fallen on deaf ears. With all the new construction in the area, green space is at a premium. Lake Eola will be like I-4 of parks giving all of us dog lovers only one option to walk our dogs or have an area to enjoy a beautiful afternoon.

Rollings believes that the site would be better served if it was purchased by the City and used as a potential dog park like the new Park of the Americas, by the Executive Airport. Most downtown residents use the space as dog park already. Additionally, Bungalower has contacted the property owners, Mabel Grove Limited, managed by Pineloch Property Management, who said they could “neither confirm nor deny the sale, as no papers have been signed yet.” Commissioner Patty Sheehan has stated to Bungalower that the new owners would not be keeping the “very significant tree” and that she “hates the project”. 

It is time for the Orlando residents to make their voice heard and save Constitution Green from being sold to a developer! We must ask that the city do something to save one of the few green spaces left in the downtown area by either purchasing the land or coming to an agreement with the Caruso family who own the land currently. As the downtown area is booming in development, the residents that currently reside and will reside in the future need green space outside of Lake Eola. Constitution Green has a beautiful live oak that is older than Orlando itself and must be saved! Sign this petition to show how much the tree and the park means to the residents of the city of Orlando.

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