REFORM the Mesquite Animal Shelter in TX (Bad EU Drugs, No Sedation, Hospitalization etc)

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The time has come for the citizens of the world to support the citizens of Mesquite in reforming their shelter. Recently, shelter staff went on euthanasia strike after their manager consistently refused to resolve expired drugs which led to unnecessary and prolonged suffering; the shelter does not effectively sedate either. 

Over a dozen dogs have been euthanized instead of being signed over to the rescues waiting for them. 

Recently, Face (Frankie) was found at 11:16am in a kennel full of blood and feces, where he remained until rescue rushed him to the vet after noon where he was hospitalized for 4 days before the vet would release him; because the shelter no longer deworms (hookworms almost killed him). After almost a year of a 90% save rate the "killing for space" has sky rocketed as quality employees quit due to the toxic work environment. 

And the data is FALSE: Dogs that spend months (and/or are returned) count as contradictory data points. Sugar was at the shelter for 2 months (save rate), adopted (live release), returned (save for that month), then euthanized (EU rate). That's one dog. 

Currently, The Assistant City Attorney is appealing Open Records requests regarding Sugar's Euthanasia and other communication at that time. 

Please see the minimum required recommendations that we need your help in convincing the City of Mesquite, its constituents, and our greater collective community, to take SERIOUSLY
Dead serious. 

Vaccinations, Deworming (or Fecal), Parvo Test
Microchip Scan
30 Second to 1 Minute Minimum Intake Video
Recommendation to Virtual Hold (through Rescue Partner) or (Upcoming) PASS Program
Citing any abuse or neglect on Owner Surrenders and Microchipped Strays
Immediate Notifications of Returned Animals

Daily Outdoor Access Defined and Expanded
Dog / Cat Testing (Needed for Foster Home Placement)
Adequate Medical Care
Transparency Regarding and Access to Animals in ISO or Quarantine
MONTHLY Off Site Adoptions in the Community
WEEKLY Off Site Adoptions in Partnership with Rescue Partners

Effective and Efficient Communication with Rescue Partners
MANDATORY Dog, Cat, HW, Combo Testing
Two Minute Horizontal Play Yard Video (Cats Inside)

Proper Sedation
Effective and Nonexpired Drugs
Humane Treatment
FULL Records Including Media of EU 

Maintain Primary Contact on Microchip

Review and Resolve Current Leadership (and Policies)
Train, Educate, Empower, Promote (more staff capable and permitted to dog test)
(By employing an Educated, Experienced, Effective and Impassioned Team committed to Advocacy and Welfare ANYTHING is possible!)

Mayor Stan Pickett 972-800-6296

City Manager Cliff Keheley 972-216-6404

City Council:
Councilman Robert Miklos (Deputy Mayor Pro Tem) 972-989-8502,
Councilman Bruce Archer 972-834-7099,
Councilman Dan Aleman 972-754-6204,
Councilman Greg Noschese 214-616-8538,
Councilman Tandy Boroughs (Mayor Pro Tem) 972-571-3500,