Ban Sudbury Pets From Being Used For Experimentation!

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Did you know that the Ontario Government has mandated that Ontario Pounds and Shelters must sell animals in their care to research facilities for experimentation? This practice uses pets that have been at a shelter for the required 72 hours and it is called Pound Seizure. The Ontario Government has made this the law through the Animals For Research Act! Do you agree with this? Several progressive Cities in Canada have successfully changed their bylaw to refuse the sale of lost or homeless pets to animal research facilities, including Toronto and Calgary. Our mission is to petition to the City of Greater Sudbury to amend their by-laws to show that we as a community will not tolerate this horrific fate for animals from our shelters. We would like to ask the City to consider doing what they can to refuse the sale of animals from potential future pound seizures in Sudbury to research facilities. Right now we do not think (and we hope) there are not any animals are being used for animal research in Sudbury, but we would like to prevent this from happening in the future. This group is NOT a criticism of the City or any of the Animal Shelter Services. They are mandated by the Government of Ontario to hand over these animals as required- unless we can convince City Hall to change the by-law! Please help by signing our petiton, sharing with your friends and family and showing your support!