Edmonton And Areas Community Gardens Are Essential

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Unfortunately, many community garden projects across Canada, including those in the City of Edmonton and surrounding areas, could face closure due to the COVID 19 outbreak. A time that is already so full of uncertainty when it comes to access to food for supply, financial, or other reasons.

The purpose of this petition is to show the governments, both locally and provincially, that we care about our community gardens. That for the thousands of people across the city that are linked to community gardens, these projects are more than a hobby, they are an essential source of food. That these projects can coexist with safe physical distancing and allow those who rely on them to continue to grow food for themselves, their families, their friends, and for those in need. 

The Province of British Columbia has deemed community gardens essential and is allowing them to open with some changes to how they operate to ensure the safety of everyone.

In Alberta, The City of Red Deer had cancelled their community gardens due to concerns but the community has brought awareness to how essential they are to food security and they were reopened!

If you believe that community gardens are essential for food security, please sign!