Build a monument in recognition of Residential School Survivors and all the children lost.

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We, supporters of the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), petition the City of Edmonton to show initiative and leadership in answering TRC Call to Action #82.

Of the many recommendations resulting from the work of the TRC, Call to Action #82 represents a unique opportunity to make reconciliation tangible and visible in the landscape. The call reads as follows:

“We call upon provincial and territorial governments, in collaboration with Survivors and their organizations, and other parties to the Settlement Agreement, to commission and install a publicly accessible, highly visible, Residential Schools Monument in each capital city to honor Survivors and all the children who were lost to their families and communities.”

Currently, only one such monument exists in Winnipeg, and only one other is planned for Toronto. We believe that the City of Edmonton, working in partnership with indigenous organizations and governments at the provincial and federal levels, can be the next city to answer Call to Action #82.

The City of Edmonton is uniquely positioned to coordinate such an effort, as it has previously demonstrated leadership in reconciliation and continues to do so. Whether in the form of the ongoing co-development of its Indigenous Framework with over 40 local partners or in its support of important cultural contributions such as the forthcoming Fort Edmonton Park Indigenous Peoples Experience, the City has shown that it is ready to walk the talk when it comes to reconciliatory efforts.

In pursuing this undertaking, we have a unique opportunity; not only to continue the important work of reconciliation but to make it a meaningful part of our city’s physical and cultural landscape.

“We believe that true reconciliation can take place only through a reshaping of a shared, national, collective memory of who we are and what has come before. ... As Canadians gather in public spaces to share their memories, beliefs, and ideas about the past with others, our collective understanding of the present and future is formed.” – TRC Report, Vol. 6, p.161-162

In building this monument, our vision is that we may create a place not only of remembrance, but also of healing, learning, sharing, and gathering together. Perhaps in doing so we can build a brighter tomorrow for us all.

Let us take the first step and commit to answering the call. Let us honor Residential School students with the monument they deserve. Let us walk the talk of reconciliation.

So once again we call on you, the City of Edmonton, in conjunction with support from the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada, to be the next city in Canada to welcome a monument in honor of Indian Residential School Students.

Thank you

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