To remove and replace the confederate monument in the center of Downtown Franklin

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I recently attended a civil rights event at a church in Downtown Franklin, and a problem has come to my attention. One of the pastors exclaimed that the statue of ‘Chip’ in the city center is inherent bigotry as it stands for the ideal that represented the confederacy: racism. There is no room for monuments that were made by the racist Daughters of the Confederacy organization to suppress African-American equality during Jim Crow Law to remain in a community such as Franklin, Tennessee. 

From a caucasian perspective, which comprises most of Franklin, Tennessee, it can be hard to understand why a statue would hold so much emotional weight and burden. However, for an individual who was systematically oppressed as an inheritance, as a birthright, and is reminded of it everyday through racism, this statue represents much more than just ‘history’ to them. 

To remove, replace, or modify this statue would be a testament to the African-American community that we recognize their struggles and understand how the remnants of a less tolerant time could feel oppressive every day an individual drives through it. Nashville has recognized that such statues are, by nature, bigotry as they have left the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue defaced. I personally believe that Franklin should take the initiative and tear down such monuments and begin to move towards healing what has divided us for centuries.