Horse carriage rides are animal abuse

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Sure, the horse and carriage rides make you feel like you're in a fairy tale or maybe they seem romantic to you. I understand that because it's glamorized.

Those horses are treated like machines and not like living creatures. How is that a fairy tale? How is that romantic? They get worked past the point of exhaustion, no matter what the weather is. When they aren't working, they're kept in small stables until their next shift. 

Everyone knows horses are skittish. How do you think they feel being constantly surrounded by cars? Probably overwhelmed and scared. It's dangerous for the horse, for the people in the carriage, and for the drivers/bikers or people walking. Horses get spooked and run away, and people have been hurt because of this.

I would love it if we could find another fun ride to replace the living animals. They have a life too and we don't have the right to force them to work for our entertainment. 

Do a little research and you'll see why this needs to end. It breaks my heart to see them walk by me and I can see how miserable they are. I have to try to help them and I hope you'll help too! :) they deserve to be horses, not slaves.

This website shows an alternative to the horse carriage rides.


And here is the contact info for the Mayor if you would like to contact him yourself :)

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