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Say No to Clovis,NM Raising the Pet Adoption Price

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Our Community is facing a huge decision right now. To raise the adoption fee to for pets from the shelter, or not to. A lot of healthy, adoptable pets are relying on you to be their voice. Please say NO to raising the fee and discouraging shelter adoptions! 

In 2014 the shelter staff had to euthanize 853 dogs and 688 cats. 

The year before they had to euthanize 1027 dogs and 685 cats.

The euthanasia rate is expected to go up if they raise the adoption fee from $50 for adults to $190. 

Why does the city want to raise the fee? The fee would cover spay/neuter, shots and a microchip. Currently the fee does not cover this. Supporters have admitted that more animals will die initially. However they believe that eventually the population will be controlled and less animals will be going to the shelter.

What they don't understand is that you cannot force people to buy from the shelter. Less people will adopt from the shelter if this ordinance is passed.  Potential adopters are going to go to another city, or to backyard breeders to adopt. Supporters want to believe that animal control officers are going to be able to stop all of the backyard breeders in the city. However our animal control officers already have more on their plates than many other cities, and they don't retain officers for long. Forcing the staff to kill even more healthy pets than they already do will only make it more harder for the shelter to retain staff. Which will make it even harder for them to stop the backyard breeders. 

The backyard breeders are the source of these unwanted pets! Punish them, not the animals that fell victim to their money making schemes. It is already the law that animals adopted from New Mexico shelters must be spay/neutered and receive a rabies shot. Why not put the money towards giving the shelter workers the tools and resources to enforce the laws in place, instead of making more laws that they are not equipped to handle! 

Say NO to raising the shelter fees! 


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