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Avoid the Demolition of Residential and Commercial Buildings

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From its modest beginnings in the 1920s, this pioneer airfield grew to be the busiest airport in the world, a distinction held for three decades. The Airport and surrounding neighborhood has a rich history as the unique one-square-mile footprint of Midway Airport is due to its connection to the Chicago Board of Education. Under the Land Ordinance of 1785, land was divided into townships.

Each township included a one-square-mile (640 acre) section devoted to education. In most instances, one-room school houses were located on this land, the balance of which was farmed to provide funds for the operation of the school. As township school districts consolidated, much of this excess land was typically sold for other purposes.

Because Midway is surrounded by buildings and other development, the landing thresholds of the runways are displaced to provide a proper obstacle clearance. Both the FAA and the airlines ensure safety by adhering to calculated load limits and various weather minimums.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city council authorized the acquisition of four parcels of land against the wishes of residents and businesses surrounding Midway Airport citing "safety reasons." Some unknown that even this was happening according to the manager of Central Drugs as well as the Landlord.

Alderman Marty Quinn has greatly failed our neighborhood as did the previous Alderman, Frank Olivo. They have neglected to encourage thriving businesses and attribute to economic growth, foster affordable public housing during a dire time, and facilitate long-overdue public transit to effectively commute north to south.

The purchase of certain parcels of land would demolish undesignated historical landmarks, force out a large volume of residents and eliminate businesses integral
to the Clearing neighborhood of Chicago.

This petition is set to hereby block the demolishment of Residential and Commercial Buildings around Midway Airport.

Thank you.

Renee Lee Greco
(312) 731-4626


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