Justice for Freddie Gray

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Freddie Carlos Gray Jr. was only 25 year old when he died due to injuries he obtained while in police custody. Freddie Gray was arrested after cops discovered he had a switch blade knife, which the officers accused of being unlawful. However, according to Baltimore's state attorney, the spring-assisted knife that Freddy Gray carried was legal under Maryland law. On the other hand, the police task force stated the knife was a violation of the Baltimore code which Gray was charged under. There was two bystanders to Gray's arrest, with one saying the police were beating Gray with police batons, and another saying they bent him in a way that made it impossible to walk or otherwise use his legs. At one point, it was said that an officer held Gray down by pressing a knee into his neck.

Once inside of the police van, Freddie Gray was handcuffed without a seatbelt in the back of the van. At one point, Gray was put into leg irons, in order to control him "acting irate". The vehicle was driven erractically, and had multiple stops. Gray ended up recieving multiple injuries due to these unsafe conditions. He was in a coma by the time he got to a hospital. An assistant medical examiner "testified that Gray's fatal neck injuries, resembling those suffered in a driving accident, were caused by abrupt force to his neck in transport..." Freddie Gray was in a coma with three fractured vertebrae, injuries to his voice box, and his spine 80% severed at his neck. Gray died a week after his arrest.

The officers responsible for such a graphic death were suspended with pay, despite being proven to have failed at getting Gray medical attention in a timely manner. Nor did they follow protocal when they failed to buckle Gray in the van safely. Gray's killers were charged, but ended up being freed on bail, and in the end, they were acquitted of all charges and/or found not guilty. The city paid a settlement to Gray's family of $6.4 million. They offered the settlement to avoid being sued, and to stop the protests that formed in the city. Many question the truth for what really happened inside the van to cause those injuries, and why the police believed he had a weapon to begin with. I call to action not only the city of Baltimore, the government officials in Maryland, but anyone who is horrified by the abuse Freddie Gray faced. I demand for all six cops involved in the murder of Freddie Gray to be imprisoned for their crimes. I demand for Freddie Gray's case to be reopened, and reinvestigated.