A show of support for Asbury Park's first Retail Marijuana Dispensary.

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A show of support for Asbury Park's first Retail Marijuana Dispensary.

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Started by Pipe Dreams

We're happy to announce, Pipe Dreams NJ LLC located at 1311 Memorial Drive in Asbury Park, NJ will be applying for a Class 3 Marijuana Retailer license in response to SENATE, No. 830 STATE OF NEW JERSEY 218th LEGISLATURE. While your show of support here may not directly influence whether or not the application gets approved, it serves to show that you, a vital part of this community, are in favor of Pipe Dreams acquiring a license. This petition will serve to show that you agree with one or more of the following, and that ultimately you believe Pipe Dreams will have and hold the interests of New Jersey residents relating to recreational and medical marijuana:

  1. You believe that Pipe Dreams will truthfully, accurately, eagerly, and morally serve the public through a retail marijuana dispensary.
  2. You believe that Pipe Dreams will be of great benefit to the people whom are qualified to purchase, obtain, and use marijuana in the State of New Jersey.
  3. You believe Pipe Dreams will ethically uphold the interests of New Jersey, as it concerns to marijuana.
  4. You have experienced the passion, integrity, character, and environment associated with Pipe Dreams and believe the level of such traits will be of great benefit to all who seek an informative, compliant, and pleasant experience involving a retail marijuana dispensary; to New Jersey and visitors alike.

In general, a petition is used to bring much needed attention to an injustice in our world that has gone unnoticed, or that has gone without action. In this case, there is no injustice. Just the possibility of a great addition to our community and we would like to be the one to serve you.

If you feel in alignment with ANY of the above. Would you sign our petition to show your support for this endeavor? Yes, we are just as excited and your support can only be beneficial, as it always has been.

We are thankful for all of our patrons and visitors. Without you there would be nothing to strive for or seek growth for. Thank you for all of your time and support!

-Pipe Dreams

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This petition had 371 supporters

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