Save Mikdolittles Fox Rescue

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Mikdolittles Fox Rescue is a USDA licensed rescue  with a pending 501(c)3. The city council of Lakeville, MN is trying to shut the rescue down for NO good reason.  The foxes at this rescue are saved from fur farms where their ultimate fate would be a brutal death.  If their pelts are considered "no good" for whatever reason,  they are then killed. Beaten to death. Although we wish there were not fur farms to begin with.  There should at least be a safe refuge for the foxes that "aren't useful " to go, instead of the alternative, which is a horrible death. MS. MIKAYLA,  loves the foxes she rescues with all her heart and is providing them with a loving home.  Dont we all deserve a chance to live with a loving home? If this rescue  is shut down, where will the foxes go? And who will continue to give  the unwanted  foxes at the fur farm a chance at life? Please,  make the right decision and allow  Mikdolittles Rescue to continue to provide the love and care for these foxes.  There is a large community of people who support this rescue  and are willing to help  get whatever is needed to follow all laws and regulations. Please let our voices be heard and allow this rescue to continue to do the great work that they do.