Create “Black Lives Matter” Community Street Mural Outside the Juneau Governor’s Mansion

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Across the world there have been beautiful "Black Lives Matter" murals painted on streets to stand in solidarity for Black lives. In Juneau, Alaska, we had one painted on the road outside of the governor's mansion until city employees removed it. At first, I was infuriated because of the blatant symbolism at the core of what they were doing. Then I felt inspired because I know we live in a community filled with people who do believe in equality, the arts, and change.

Last year there was a rainbow crosswalk installed on the Front and Main streets to represent the city's colorful diversity. It started when another crosswalk downtown was repeatedly painted rainbow colors by locals, but kept getting repainted white for safety reasons. Then a solution was made to install a proper rainbow crosswalk downtown. It was made possible by crowdfunding, The City and Borough of Juneau and the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council.

My vision is to have 16 local artists each select a letter of B-L-A-C-K L-I-V-E-S M-A-T-T-E-R to design and then come together to create a collective work of art. The city can then select a date to block off the road to ensure safety of the artists while they each paint their letters for the street mural. Please sign and share to make this dream a reality and show that Juneau stands for Black lives, dreams, and futures. 

(Photograph by Michael Penn)