Let's make body cameras on police MANDATORY for law enforcement in North America!

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We can all end police corruption and prove if people actually resist arrest with one simple solution. MANDATORY BODY CAMERAS! With the technology we have today, there's no reason we can't implement this system! If everyone had the opportunity to relate back to the video footage of their interactions with the officers of the law, corruption on the police force and people that actually deserve to be charged and arrested would rethink their nefarious actions. If the police actually want to be people serving people, they will accept this petition in order to bring justice to those that deserve it. Not to those they discriminate with racism, sexism or religion. We all need to rise up and get the power to police the police. If this petition becomes law, officers will face disciplinary actions if they don't have a recording for all interactions with civilians. Please join each other in making North America UNITED AGAIN! If this petition gets ignored, then we have a real reason to rebel against our government. If this petition gets ignored, it'll prove that there is corruption on our police force and they have no intention on changing! Please, everyone, don't add to the problems facing our society today. Join the groups that want to end the conflict! And that group of people will be every name that supports this petition. May everyone be safe and God bless you all ❤