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Stop the killing of cats and dogs in China

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Millions upon millions of animals in China are slaughtered every single year. With China having one of the most powerful economies and animal fur being in high demand, the Chinese deliver. What does not get exported usually ends up becoming tonights dinner for many chinese families. The sad fact is that the animals suffer an unimaginably slow and painful death. These animals are captured roaming the streets and are then overly packed into small metal cages, leaving them no room to move. The cages are then tossed around off the top of large trucks, causing the dogs to hit into one another and flipped over into crippling positions. They are then kicked around as if there were nothing inside these tiny cages. From here the cages are stacked up on top of each other, where they are left to wait, sometimes for several hours. From here on there is no mercy, the torture begins. The animal is grabbed harshly and ripped out of the cage, then tied up to prevent resistance. To stop the animal from fighting back or making any noise, the Chinese shoot it in the head. However they make sure the animal is still alive afterwards, if they animal is dead by now, it is useless. If the animal is small and light the worker lifts the animal by its back legs, swinging it around and bashing its head on the ground and into walls, this goes on until the animal is despondent. The worker then takes the helpless animal and cuts a tiny incision in the animals rear, then using a specific method peels back the skin. This process takes about a minute, during which the animal must be kept alive as they believe the animal is easier to skin with warm blood still flowing through its veins. The nightmare continues for the animal as it is tossed aside, among a pile of its dying friends as it slowly slips away, no longer able to withstand such unimaginable pain. If the fur of the animal is not needed, there are other ways of torturing the animals such as boiling them alive. At the end of the day, when all these horrible acts have taken place, the Chinese get about $1 per pelt. This means that over 2 million innocent animals are being skinned and butchered every year for an insignificant contribution towards the Chinese economy. Not only this but it is sending out a clear message around the world that China is not fit to take place as a leading nation.

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