Animal abuse must stop. Investigate & Prosecute cases. Be held accountable.

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Sign this petition to put a spotlight on the urgent need for animal protection/welfare laws to be enforced and for those that commit these acts of torture, abuse, neglect to be held accountable for their actions through our legal system {animal welfare laws}.

With all the efforts made by animal non-profits, businesses in the animal industry, and volunteers trying to reduce the pet population, making daily steps to cope with the demands to rehabilitate and re-home animals, as well as helping to fund maintenance & medical care for animals where owners struggle with providing the basic necessities for their animals, it's evident the community has done everything in its power to help contribute to an overall improvement for animal welfare.

That said, there continues to be animals used in dog fights {or "bait"} some animals are overbred, starved, imprisoned within small confines, restricting any basic level of adequate movement {as they are forced to sit/live in their of faeces} burned on property lots, sexually assaulted, tied to death trees for their miserable lives to be carried out without access to basic food, clean water or  basic shelter. Some of these animals are being kicked/yelled at and tortured with physical abuse or neglecting obvious signs of bodily deterioration as their bones show evidence of months or years of little to no food.

Now, we are well past the time to acknowledge this issue. The legal enforcement/follow through requires ACTION now.

There is no more time, nor should there be, the continued tolerance of people turning a "blind eye" or the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture not taking the basic steps to do everything possible to enforce the animal welfare laws..

Simply put, not ENOUGH is being done by our Cayman Islands Government to protect and enforce the existing laws to protect animals.

Where animals suffer heinous health issues as a result of neglect and or their abuse results in death, the community should:

1. Know what steps they as individuals, family members, friends, employers, animal care providers etc can take to report animal abuse/neglect.

2.  See actionable steps taken by the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture and other appropriate authorities to:

-Locate the abuser and the animal,

- Investigate the claim in a timely (responsive) manner, follow up with those that reported the incident(s), better documentation of cases. 

- Remove the animal (immediately, where there are obvious signs of abuse/neglect causing health issues) to protect the animal and follow up more than once/as many times as needed,

-Take necessary steps to educate and or prosecute the abuser, where appropriate.

These voiceless creatures can't speak for themselves. It is our responsibility to stand up for them to help keep them safe, for they are our family, friend, protector, service animal, therapist, passion/interest and above all they are innocent.