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The Canadian Government Must Provide Adequate Funding For Animal Rescue Organizations in Remote Regions of Northern Canada

The importance of this issue goes without saying, changes are needed and funding for animal rescue is critical. In remote northern regions in Canada, the population is too sparse to support Animal Rescue programs such as spay/neuter clinics. More often than not, veterinarian facilities are a luxury not a standard in remote regions. Regretfully, communities that have no other means to control overpopulation issues unfortunately carry out 'Dog Culls' on a regular basis. A very non humane alternative in Canada which can cause a rift not only within communities but throughout the rest of Canada as well as most lack the understanding as to the direct needs of those within remote regions. 

Northern Communities within Provinces such as North West Territories, Nunavut, the Yukon, Manitoba, Labrador, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia are often plagued with many animals suffering with disease, starvation and injury. in Norway House, Manitoba daily they take in stray, abused, neglected, injured and abandoned dogs wandering terrain maimed, alone and starving. In Saskatchewan they face impending sustained 'Dog Shoots' where strays are rounded up and killed. Having to take a rifle out and kill animals simply because they are overpopulated speaks to the need for Government funding. The mental, emotional and psychological stress of the communities, the Animal Rescues, the general public but also the animals is daunting ancoconuts easily be rectified with monetary assistance. No one in any community enjoys having to shoot an animal just because, it is regretfully the only means people have to try to alleviate over population of dogs in their region. 

This should not be acceptable by Canadian standards, we proclaim to hold the highest standards with our Humanitarian efforts yet these daily abuses go unnoticed, non funded and dismissed by our Canadian Government.

As a citizen of Canada and having received correspondence from you previously in regards to Labrador I am imploring that the Federal Government allocate generous sustained funding to Northern Canadian Animal Rescues.

Having adopted three beautiful dogs from Labrador and knowing the painstaking process by which they are rescued, fostered, transported and adopted out, I can not accept that there is nothing the Federal Government can do to ease their humanitarian efforts. Those who volunteer their time, effort, safety in order to rescue animals in Northern Canadian Communities deserve better. They deal with daily abandonment, neglect, abused and stray populations of animals and I do not know how they manage to do what they do with next to nothing.

It is our duty as Canadians to help any living, breathing being in need. We are known throughout the World for our leadership, compassion, kindness and acceptance of any and all. You must set a standard for other Countries to adhere to with Animal Welfare and Protection and help those who can not help themselves.

Prove to the World that Canada does not tolerate Animal Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment. Assist those who save the lives of these animals with the funding and resources they need and be proud that you have made a difference when no one else could!

L.A. Bowden Leonard

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  • Prime Minister of Canada
    Honourable Stephen Harper
  • Justice Minister & Attorney General of Canada
    Honourable Robert Nicholson
  • Finance Minister of Canada
    Honourable Jim Flaherty
  • Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest
    Stephen Harper
  • Minister of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
    Honourable Gerry Ritz
  • Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada
    Stephen Harper

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