We do not want the Queen to give royal assent on the no deal Brexit law.

We do not want the Queen to give royal assent on the no deal Brexit law.

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Started by John Amys

We the people request that HRH Queen Elizabeth II does not give the royal assent on the recent bill put forward to completely remove the option of a no deal Brexit.

The only way to negotiate a good trade deal with the EU and not surrender our sovereignty to an organisation that is crumbling is to have an option of walking away. 

Without this basic negotiation option we are as a nation sitting ducks and will suffer massively as a result at the hands of a foreign nation. 

A lot of us have been raised to be proud of our nation, proud of our heritage and proud of our sovereignty. Patriotism has become frowned upon despite us being taught that it was the right way. Our democracy is now under threat. We have spent over three years now watching our highly paid and supposedly highly educated politicians try every dirty back hand trick they can think of to rob 17.4 million people of their democratic right. Now they are attempting to hand deliver both our sovereignty and our democracy to the EU on a plate. If our PM is unable to sit with the EU and negotiate a mutually beneficial deal because he is ordered to accept a deal by law then democracy is officially dead here. 

Our current politicians and monarchy will go down in history as the people who gave away our beautiful nation if this ridiculous bill becomes law. 

We cannot allow this to happen and we must request that our Queen doesn’t give royal assent to this bill. 

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303 have signed. Let’s get to 500!