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Make it a legal requirement to report a road traffic accident involving a cat!

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We want to make it a legal requirement to report a road accident involving a cat! Cats are peoples' possessions, their loving pets and part of the family however unlike dogs they are not classed as worthy of being stopped for!

Our family have twice had the grim experience of returning home to find a beloved pet dead at the side of the road by our home.  (To clarify we do not live by a busy road in a busy neighbourhood.)  We have then had to explain to our children that their much loved friend was never coming home again. Perhaps this could not of been helped... but without the benefit of a simple phone call we will simply never know. 

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, section 170, it is a legal requirement to report any road accident which causes damage to any animal which is not on or in the vehicle involved. The definition of 'animal' however does not include cats! Currently only dogs, horses, sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, ass and mules are included.  However we believe that this Act should be amended to include cats - why are they not classed as animals?

Most beloved pets have identification and/or are micro-chipped. Its frustrating and saddening for responsible owners to put this in to place only to be disregarded in the case of an accident.  Let our felines have the same consideration as our canines! 

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