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Introduce Andrew's law

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It is important , because if this law is introduced, the police and CPS will be able to prosecute more perpetrators.


When your loved ones life, is taken by others. When Joint Enterprise, can not be given, because of, no shared intention, or, Forsight. When the police, and courts know. Someone in that group was responsible, yet there is no law in place to charge them. When the C.P.S, say it would not be in the public Interest? Joint Enterprise would not hold up? Yet this group have built a wall of silence, by doing so they ALL walk free. NO JUSTICE, for the life taken, no peace for the victims family. Andrews Law, would be able to charge and convict, the whole group, regardless of no shared Intention, or Forsight. To a minimum of, 5 years, for them all. Once proven all where there, out together, all in vision, of the attack. If they remain silent, then the wall of silence will be broken, with Andrews Law. Lots of cases up and down this country, would then at least, have SOME Justice. 


 Andrew Jones was punched to the ground by a man and while he was laying dyeing on the floor, another man kicked him. He died the following day through his injuries. Yet we know the names, of all those present, the night Andrew was beaten to death, they stood by did nothing, only to build a wall of silence, Joint enterprise, could have, but was not, given? By not doing so, we Andrews family, have had to carry the second pain of No Justice.This law needs to be brought in, to give the police the rights to charge them, the, C.P.S, the power, to put the case forward, to the courts, the Judge, has a law in place, to pass a sentence. No one should be above the law.

We urge the Government to pass such a law in Andrew's name.



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