Postpone/Cancel CAIE's in Pakistan May/June 2020 due to Coronavirus outbreak.

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This petition is being started with the main aim to postpone/cancel the Cambridge International Examination, May/June intake 2020. I am writing this as a response to the recent Coronavirus outbreak that has affected approximately 158 countries around the globe with 173,111 cases with almost 6,664 deaths, a graph that is increasing with each passing hour. 

I am Tayyab Naveed, an A'level student of Lahore Grammar School Defence and an influencer of my community, I consider it my right to raise awareness and be a bridge that connects the voice of the students to the respective authorities. COVID-19 has been a major cause of concern for people worldwide and has impacted the way of life greatly. It has lead to quarantine zones and restricted the mobility of people, who are bound to their homes. Coronavirus is a global health issue that has lead to panic, anxiety and fear among the masses of the communities all over the world. One of the major chunk of the population that is affected is the students. Especially those who have to appear for their CAIE's in May/June 2020 intake. As we all know that these exams are the best of it's kind and students prepare day and night to ace them, the COVID-19 outbreak has greatly affected the students who are unable to go to schools and prepare for their upcoming exams. Since these grades are crucial in helping to get admissions in universities in the future, it is unfair that the preparation for these is highly compromised considering the ongoing pandemic. 

When talking about Pakistan, a developing country, the statistics have show an increase in the number of affected people even when the government and the higher authorities are working day and night to take preventive measures. The digits, however, do not portray the real picture as numerous cases go unreported due to lack of resources and accessibility to hospitals. 

Therefore, I request the British Council to kindly look into the matter and realise that people all over the world are suffering from enough trauma and panic due to the coronavirus pandemic. Students are unable to prepare efficiently for their examinations, they are bound to their homes and making them appear for their exams when their preparation time has been highly effected due to COVID-19 will not be fair. Furthermore, it will also put students at a great health risk if they are to gather at the examination centres during the Coronavirus.

I realise that a lot of time and energy goes into designing exam papers and preparing a timetable for the CIE's, but this is a situation that cannot be ignored considering that the statistics are getting out of control with each passing day. This is a problem for Pakistan as people are not provided with efficient and effective medical facilities as compared to the rest of the world which will put students at more risk. 

It is a humble request that the examinations be either postponed till the situation improves or the papers be held online keeping in view the health emergency all over the world. Health comes before anything and it is vital that the situation of students that are to appear for the May/June 2020 intake be kept in mind as it's a matter of basic human rights for the youth especially in Pakistan. 


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