Inquiry Gordon Brown & Jackie Smith MP Permitting Sexual Abuse

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Cover-Up Began 11 years ago…

Following the shocking revelations on BBC Radio 4 by former Chief Crown Prosecutor Mr Nazir Afzal, when he revealed a "Government Cover-Up” started 11 years ago in 2008 when the Labour Government under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, sent-out a circular to all the British police forces’; stating that “ far as these young girls who are being exploited in towns and cities, we believe they have made an informed choice about their sexual behavior and therefore it is not for you police officers to get involved in.” – is the reason this a Public Inquiry is now being called for.

The BBC Radio 4 interview was kept under wraps, and this is why at the time it never caused much of a public outcry, as it was simply ignored by the MSM. 

And it was not until ex-police officer, Dionne Miller raised the matter of the circular allegedly sent by Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith - during a rally outside the Old Bailey in support of Tommy Robinson, who was found guilty of Contempt of Court on the 5th July 2019, - then this outrageous act would once again been brushed under the carpet and it would have been allowed to continue.  

Gordon Brown & Jacqui Smith MP - 'Should be in jail...'

The fact that the Labour Party sent out such an ominous circular to the British Police forces, they are without doubt responsible for their actions, for were the police forces hands not handcuffed behind their backs they would have probably started prosecutions years ago, and a lot of children lives could have been saved in that process.

According to Miller, both Gordon Brown, and Jacqui Smith MP, should be in jail - and why a Public Inquiry is needed. 

Both Brown, and Smith are directly responsible for this failure and not the British police, other than they are as guilty for permitting themselves to become "politicalised", and instead of protecting the lives of 'the people', they have preferred to protect politicians interests and reputations.  

According to Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk; ‘…officers discriminated and refused to believe that race was an issue even though dozens of young white girls were being specifically targeted and groomed for sex by older Pakistani men.’

This is totally unacceptable at any level, and why the police forces in the UK have to start making MP's accountable for their actions that prevented the police from carrying out their duty.  

11 Years Later!

As you will see in a Daily Mail article updated in 2013, - that even though an "official report” states "Hundreds of young girls were allowed to fall into the hands of Asian grooming gangs..." - and that in the town of Rochdale alone, "...these young girls were let-down by all 17 agencies that were meant to protect them", - the newspaper bullet points the "abuse centred around just "nine Pakistani men" connected to taxis and takeaway outlets", - when in reality (as it's not just Rochdale Town that this type of 'sex grooming-gang' abuse has taken place) and that a lot more than just 'nine men' must of been involved (in which there were, as many others up and down the UK have already been convicted, whilst others are still roaming free) to have been able to have abused "hundreds" of girls in that period.   

As this problem dates back to 2008, when the Labour Government first sent-out a circular to all the British police forces’ to ‘back-off’.  This scandal started 11 years ago and the grooming-gang criminal activity was allowed to continue and why “hundreds” of young girls were allowed to be abused, or in some cases murdered, - and that were action taken from 2008 on wards then it’s highly likely hundreds of young girls could have been saved.

So even though this report has been released, and following the scathing speech made by Dionne Miller, and what the Chief Crown Prosecutor, Mr Afzal stated in the interview on BBC Radio 4, 'The Powers That Be' are still trying to play-it-down and not focus on "how many men” really were involved in this UK wide scandal.

Full Public Inquiry

This is why a full public inquiry needs to be held - and the questions answered as to why the Labour Party decided to send out such a clear message of "not to get involved" to the British police forces, and for them to simply ignore the horrifying acts these sex gang of groomers were regularly (still are) carrying-out against "working class" girls, as young as 11 and mainly all from care-homes, or they are vulnerable in general, and whom Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith "believe they have made an informed choice about their sexual behavior", and 'therefore deserve all they get', and for the sake of "racial harmony" a blind eye will be taken and no one will be prosecuted. 

In fact in goes that one step further, as it sent out a wider message to the police forces to "let it continue, as we are not going to do anything to stop them".

Sign the petition, share the hell out of it, and let's get these criminal MP's held to account for their deliberate obnoxious actions and for putting so many children’s lives /at stake.