CAIE & UNIVERSITY OF LONDON should postpone exams to Oct/nov session 2020 covid19

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Thousands of students are stuck amidst this chaos where they are stuck between the measures imposed by their respective countries and having to study in this uncertain environment only adds more to the stress as majority of the students need time at their institutions in order to study. Moreover, the exam stress makes us priorities the exam as opposed to health and students in all of this forget to take care of themselves and take precautions. Moreover, this uncertainty and worry we all have of catching the virus in mass gatherings like the examination halls filled with many students only adds more to the current situation. It is unfair to the students at large as we don’t get a fair shot at studying for exams without worrying for our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Pakistan has just started to see a rise in the cases, we as students need time to prepare and October session is perhaps the most fair chance and opportunity for students to actually study and not be worried for their lives.