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The Boston City Council : Schedule A Citywide Casino Referendum Vote On Tuesday, Nov. 5th

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When much is at risk for the people who live and work in Boston, democracy demands a transparent and open process.  A gambling casino in one of America’s most revered and historical cities has the potential to damage the city’s reputation by becoming a gambling center. All of its residents must have the opportunity to chart any major change for Boston’s future, and that can only be done with a vote.

A gambling casino built in East Boston will directly affect East Boston – but it will also affect every neighborhood and every resident in the city of Boston. The burden on taxpayers, lost opportunities, increased crime and violence, increased gambling addictions and loss of property values are some of the ills that will have a profound and city-wide effect.

Contrary to a belief that a casino will not affect all of Boston, studies show that there is a dramatic increase in crime in a 10-mile radius surrounding a casino.  This radius encompasses almost all Boston neighborhoods - including the neighborhoods of Dorchester, Brighton, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, and Hyde Park.  

As it stands now, the voice of 93% of Boston’s residents will not be heard as the casino vote is restricted to only registered voters in East Boston. However, the Boston City Council has the power, under the state’s gaming law, to initiate a citywide referendum on the casino question.  The Springfield, MA City Council voted to have a citywide referendum, which was held recently on July 14, 2013.  Similarly, we call on our Boston City Council to be a profile in courage and institute a citywide casino referendum on Nov. 5th, 2013. 

We encourage the voters of Boston to sign onto this petition, originated by Bill Walczak, candidate for mayor of Boston, so that everyone’s voice can be heard on this important matter.  

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