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Removal of President Brian Johnson

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  • Dr. Brian Johnson has demonstrated that:
  • He lacks the professional and personal qualities that are necessary to lead a university as prestigious as Tuskegee University.
  • His blatant inability to manage our university has caused the departure or sudden "retirement" of valued, respected and seasoned Deans and faculty who have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for Tuskegee University and demonstrated devotion to it. 
  • He is willing to and intent on changing the fiber and essence of Mother Tuskegee and that which has made it our university beloved and prestigious.
  • He will consistently promote his personal brand over The Tuskegee University brand which is highly disturbing.
  • With the instillation of gates and fences around Grey Columns, he places personal safety over student safety; leaving campus entrances unmanned.
  • As a result of his continued disrespect of students and alumni, should Dr. Brian Johnson remain as President of Tuskegee University, alumni donations and student retention will be directly impacted and will drastically decline.
  • He refuses to be transparent and forthcoming when asked direct questions by alumni and students.
  • He has no vision for alumni and has failed to recognize that current students will become future alumni. His "Visioning Document" makes no mention of building relations with alumni.
  • He has no vision for building positive working relationships or bonds with The City of Tuskegee. In the current climate, several students have been shot off campus. Once again, Dr. Johnson's "Visioning Document" makes no mention of improving ties between Tuskegee University and The City of Tuskegee. Therefore, leaving students at risk and once again negatively impacting student retention.
  • He takes credit for funds to the University that he did not personally generate.
  • He uses social media inappropriately and as a platform for HIS propaganda. He has yet to explain the "Tuskegee Trajectory" that everyone is supposed to "trust."
  • He devalues the reputation of Tuskegee University and by extension the value, prestige and marketability of our hard earned degrees.
  • Should he remain, Tuskegee University will surely follow in the likes of Morris Brown or Knoxville College.  

We do not want to wait any longer to see if Dr. Brain Johnson will grow into a seasoned and professional President. Furthermore, we state that we have a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the leadership abilities of General Charles Williams as the Board of Trustee's Chairman. The President of Tuskegee University is not meant for a rookie. OUR university should not be a learning grounds for someone who lacks maturity, professionalism, poise and experience. We are asking that The Board of Trustees of Tuskegee University exercise their fiduciary duty, reconvene a Presidential Search Committee and release Dr. Brian Johnson of his duties as President of Tuskegee University at the end of his contract this June.  WE DO NOT trust his phantom Tuskegee "Trajectory" and he is causing collateral damage by destroying Tuskegee TRADITION. 

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