Petition to remove Nick Buckley - CEO from the Youth Charity, Mancunian Way


Petition to remove Nick Buckley - CEO from the Youth Charity, Mancunian Way

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Karlet Manning started this petition to The Board of Mancunian Way

A petition to remove CEO from the Youth Charity, Mancunian Way amid concerns that he has expressed publicly via social media.

These views undermine the Black Lives Matter movement whilst working in a diverse community.

A key factor of youth work is the promotion of anti-oppressive practice as young people will shape our society in the future, and it it is imperative that we work towards removing inequalities as opposed to upholding them.

The views are inappropriate, insensitive and have since been deleted but please see the attached screenshots.

CEO Nick Buckley recently sent out this message to staff:

"Of course black lives matter. Let's get this obvious point over and done with at the beginning. In fact, I would be interested if anyone can be found in the UK today who does not believe this point. It's a pointless phrase, it like saying we are against evil!

The phrase is far too simple but is perfect for our modern age of social medial and the willingness of social justice warriors to take up another cause, buy another wristband or ribbon, to scream about something they have no understanding and to virtual signal that they are amazing individuals by taking a knee - such a powerful act of self sacrifice, it puts out D-Day veterans to shame!

What is happening in the UK over the last few days has very little to do with the horrendous incident in the USA. It is better described as part new fashion craze and part opportunity for anarchy. 

Do you know who BLACKLIVESMATTER are? Do you know what this self prescribed political movement wants? According to their website they want to end white supremacy, disrupt the western prescribed nuclear family and dismantle the patriarchal practice. These are fancy words, what do they mean? They are exactly what post modern, neo-marxist use when they call for the destruction of Western Democracy and our way of life. Didn't we learn our lesson from the last century when these same ideologies lead to the deaths of 100m people.

If it really was about valuing uK black lives then we would have demonstrations about hundreds of young black kids being stabbed to death by other young black kids in London or riots about young black girls having their labia or clitoris cur off by parents. Are these issues not worth fighting against? Instead we have to import a particular incident and be outraged at the death of a career criminal.

The UK is not perfect, we have our own issues, my suggestion is that we fight horrendous acts committed in this country. How about we fight against UK male babies having their sexual organs mutilated? How about we fight against UK women being murdered in so called honour killings or having acid thrown in their faces? How about we fight against the lack of house building in the UK, which affects every single one of us and our children and our grandchildren?

We are allowing ourselves to be split into groups: black/white, straight/gay, muslim/christian, male/female etc. No good can come from this only conflict.

We have spent the last 70 years trying to move away from seeing the innate differences in people and trying to see only the character of the individual and judging them on their actions. It is the Martin Luther King way. It is the right way.

We are the luckiest individuals in the history of the world. No one has ever had it better than we do right now. There has never been a time or place where humans have lived in such comfort, with good health, with plenty of resources, with hardly any crime and long lives. Yet some people act as it has never been worse, needs tearing down and building again. Only one word describes these people: lunatics.

So please think on before you give your support to doctrines that only divide us and ultimately destroy us. Do not be a useful idiot."



This petition made change with 465 supporters!

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