Save English National Opera

Save English National Opera

3 February 2016
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The Board of English National Opera
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Started by The Spirit of Lilian Baylis

We call upon the Board of English National Opera to reconsider its plans to turn the company into a part-time organisation. We urge it to seek solutions that will maintain the essence and identity of ENO, a company whose artistic success is vital to our cultural life.

English National Opera's mission is to make the highest quality opera accessible to everyone. This is impossible without regular performances. We believe the artistic standards that the widest public deserve can only be achieved by a combination of the talent and experience of people working together consistently and frequently.

ENO cannot afford to lose those who have guaranteed the achievements of the company over many years, and the Board must seek alternative solutions to balancing the current budget. 

ENO needs to re-engage with its audience to truly be the people’s opera company. The current proposals reveal a lack of understanding of the quality audiences expect, and of how that quality is achieved.

We call on the Board to think more innovatively and positively in addressing its current financial shortfall so as to build an environment in which ENO can continue to grow and flourish.

Save ENO.


Petition Closed

This petition had 6,470 supporters

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