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Allow benches and other personal touches that we add.

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There is a hidden nook in our town that holds our sacred history, Maple Grove Cemetery. It’s been my brother’s home for 24 yrs. My sisters and I were those little girls who grew up playing in that cemetery. Running from one grave to the next, watering their flowers, saying our hellos, crying our tears, laughing at the memories we held with these loved ones. Maple Grove Cemetery isn’t your average cemetery. While most look forsaken, this one’s full of life. You feel the love that others bring into it. A rare place where everything is done with love. We are a family there, never just visit our own loved one. It’s the little things that we leave behind that keep their spirit alive. When I go over to meet a new member of our family, I read the letters, I look at their faces, I smile at the beer can on a 21st birthday, I see life…I see who they were and how much they matter. Recently, our board has decided to invoke their legal rights of forbidding us to have our benches and our little touches that we bring to our loved ones. We have been forced to remove them and as I drove in… I cried. It is a place that is meant for us to let time stand still, sit on a bench, and breathe in that part of our life that we can no longer touch. I’ve included a picture of how we celebrated my brother’s birthday last year. I couldn’t hug him or buy him gifts, but I could celebrate him. As his birthday came this year, it was a birthday without pictures or celebration. Instead, I stood over two dirt patches, where Kasey’s bench has always been. I shed tears at every grave that day as I ran around fixing everything that had been moved out of place. This place that has been home is slowly being stripped away. This place that has been our escape, complete peace is filled with sadness. We are clinging to what is left and humbly begging the board not to take this away from us. I know that legally they have the right to, but please look at it with open eyes. We are a small community, and I am proud of the way that Maple Grove Cemetery stands out. If there’s one piece of our history that deserves to be preserved and respected, its Maple Grove. In all of these years, I’ve never seen anyone bring in anything disrespectful. They are all beautiful additions to our cemetery. I actually was married in this cemetery. When my husband asked me where my most peaceful place was…my brother’s place. My father didn’t walk me down an aisle, he walked me down that big hill to stand by my brother’s side. This is a sanctuary for those of us left behind and I am asking the board to reconsider their decision. I will be starting a petition to present to the board in April’s annual meeting. Asking our community to stand up with me, let your voice count. The board is there to make the best decisions for us, but we need to let them know what we need. Simply asking them to be our neighbor, understand our pain and how much healing they are taking away from us. Any one interested in helping please send me an email at

. Maybe they haven’t walked in our shoes, but now, we are the little girls all grown up, watching our own children run thru that cemetery. Blowing bubbles and bringing life to everything they touch. Forever grateful for the gift our parents gave us by showing us how to love even when we cannot touch or see. It‘s the gift we are passing on to our children and I hope that as a community, we all preserve this piece of our sacred history.

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