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The Biggest Human Rights Violation in South East Asia, Anand Krishna is Arrested. Free the Religious Pluralist and Spiritual Activist from Jail!!!

Why this is important?

Indonesia is facing a critical religious conflict and intolerance. Many religious minority groups are subjected to attacks by the radicals.

Anand Krishna, a humanist, spiritual activist and religious pluralist fighter who is also belonging to a religious minor group in Indonesia - has dedicated his life in promoting interfaith harmony. His thoughts have become a threat to the radical groups and therefore he is in the number 1 terrorist hit list in Indonesia.

Many attempts have been made to eliminate him starting from death threats, character assassination, warning shots, etc. Their latest attempt is the sexual harassment case charged against him. The drama & intense media attention accompanying the removal of presiding judge Hari Sasangka’s affair with one of the prosecutor’s main witnesses. Anand Krishna was acquitted and found innocent in the District Court of all criminal charges laid against him. Unfortunately the Supreme Court has overturned Anand’s acquittal. He was outrageously convicted for another person’s case.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Head of The Supreme Court of Indonesia
    Dr. H. Muhammad Hatta Ali, Sh., MH
  • Minister of Justice and Human Rights
    Mr. Amir Syamsuddin, SH

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