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Please watch #Blackfish and Cancel Busch Gardens!

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I remember being 16 and driving alone for the very first time. I turned on the radio and Wouldn't It Be Nice was playing. I cranked up the volume and sang to the top of my lungs. I had always liked your music, but that's when I fell in love with it! The Beach Boys are iconic! You represent sunshine, sand and the ocean. But the oceans have been robbed and SeaWorld is profiting. So, please, send out some GOOD VIBRATIONS to your fans, watch Blackfish The Movie and don't perform at Busch Gardens.

You may be aware, Busch Gardens is owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. The issues and concerns that arise from SeaWorld's exploitation of Marine Mammals attaches to their other properties, which include Busch Gardens.

We are asking you to cancel your performance at Busch Gardens Bands, Brew & BBQ concert series and avoid participating in the callousness that SeaWorld has made into a business.

SeaWorld Orlando is where Tilikum, the orca, lives. In November of 1983, at about the age of two, he was kidnapped and ripped from his family. While one cannot know with certainty what caused his attacks on three people, including SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in Orlando. His unnatural confinement in small tanks with other orcas from different parts of the world, likely having different languages and being away from his family cannot be ruled out as factors in those attacks. 

It has been stated that captive Orca are able to recognize calls (voices) of their still-free family members. These are highly intelligent, extremely social marine MAMMALS. They have cohesive family units, perhaps more strongly bonded than humans. In the wild Orca live a life span equivalent to humans, 50-90 years, while the oldest known wild Orca, named Granny, is believed to be over 100 years old. According to David Kirby, Author of Death At SeaWorld, many of the Orca who live at SeaWorld have not survived passed their teens or early 20's.

In addition to the Orca who live in this hell on earth, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens hold Dolphins, Seals, Sea Lions, and many other beings in tiny, inhumane spaces. The captives are starved and forced to perform tricks for food.

Can you imagine being kidnapped, put in a small room, never able to leave, never able to see your family and be forced to spend the remainder of your life performing tricks for food? The isolation alone would drive most people completely mad. All the while, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens profit from this horrific and disgusting exploitation of what should be a free life.

Please watch the movie Blackfish. It will open your heart and change your mind. We, your fans, are asking that you NOT support the CRUELTY AND CAPTIVITY at SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, or other SeaWorld properties unless AND until SeaWorld changes its business model to one truly built on helping animals rather than exploiting them.

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