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Stop overreaching regulations on e-cigarettes and prevent the ban on flavored e-liquid.

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We need to protect our right to choose a healthier lifestyle. Stand up for our freedoms as Canadians, create awareness, and prevent sweeping legislations against vaping.

Our right to vape it is currently under attack in Canada. Nova Scotia’s Bill 60 proposes to classify e-cigarettes as traditional tobacco products, which if passed, will have far reaching implications for the industry that aim to make vaping increasingly prohibitive and expensive. Bill 60 could set a precedent that may cause sweeping changes to how the provincial and federal governments follow suit to regulate the e-cig industry across Canada. Already there are several municipalities and regional governments forming their own policies concerning the sale and use of e-cigs so it is imperative that we make our voices heard now. We’re asking you to please get involved to help support and fight for our freedom to vape.

Currently, vaporizers and e-liquids containing nicotine are not subject to regulations traditionally applied to tobacco and are exempt from Health Canada and FDA regulations for tobacco.
If the government is successful in passing legislation, e-cigs and related products will be labeled as a tobacco products despite the fact they do not contain any tobacco. This is just one point of contention in the ongoing debate about how e-cigs should be governed. Under proposed regulations, flavour choices will be limited to tobacco and menthol. Additionally, vapers will be legally classified a smokers, even if they do not use traditional tobacco. For many, personal vaporizers have been the only viable method of abstaining from tobacco use. This is partly due to the variety of non-tobacco flavors available and the reduced cost when compared to smoking or other nicotine replacement therapies.

The current free market environment offers a wide variety of products and competitive pricing. Proposed legislation will end this by excessively taxing these products in addition to limiting their availability by requiring manufacturers and vendors to obtain a tobacco licence. Ultimately, this legislation could result in more people adopting the use of traditional tobacco products. Any legislators involved in the review process of local, regional, provincial and federal regulations need to be made aware of how these regulations would actually negatively affect the people they are supposed to protect.

The governments proposed regulations are structured to protect big tobacco, big pharma and ensure increasing tax revenue. Over $72B in taxes are collected yearly by the government on the sale of tobacco in Canada. Additionally, the amount of taxes collected have steadily been increasing despite decreasing numbers of Canadian smokers. It is apparent that the government is using these regulations to guarantee future tax revenue rather than protecting public health.

Opponents refuse to actually look at studies conducted on vaping yet still argue that they don’t know what in in e-cigs and are unsure of their safety. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to ignore the mounting evidence that vaping is safer that smoking and that it is an effective method tobacco cessation. All of the ingredients in e-cigarettes have been independently tested and approved by the FDA for consumption for several decades. There is nothing scientifically that justifies the overbearing and overreaching regulation proposed by our governments


Contact your local mayor, council members, MLA’s and anyone else in a position of influence.
Explain what a positive impact vaping has had on your life, health and those around you and implore them to take a closer look at the science and studies that are available. 

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