Bring classic CBBC shows back on air to encourage kids to develop their own ideas

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It's a simple fact that children these days are malnourished when it comes to quality TV entertainment with Paw Patrol the 'best' and most popular show currently. I have made it my mission to ensure that the next generation will grow up with entertaining shows that push the boundaries and encourage children to develop their own ideas and perceptions instead of being swallowed up by the system where you have to look good for social media and are told exactly how to behave by the children's idols such as Zoella and Logan Paul. Re airing these shows would most likely increase viewer numbers which as I'm aware are on a steady decrease whilst competing with other social media platforms such as YouTube.

By bringing back classic shows such as Bear behaving badly, Headz, Dick and Dom in da bungalow or just re airing the old shows I am sure this will make a positive change to their mindset and lifestyle, just as it did to mine. Even releasing the shows back onto Iplayer would give access for everyone to these shows. Please share this with as many people as possible to raise awareness and help remove these PC tv shows for good. Thank you :)

ps: Michael Gove if you ever read this please make the GCSE grade boundaries very low next year so we can all pass x