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We need to Stop Puppy Mills and Free the Prisoners for Profit


This is important because PUPPY MILLS are nothing more than CRUELTY COMPANIES who thrive to make profit off the cruelty and abuse of innocent animals!
Keeping innocent animals prisoner in horrific conditions, unsanitary environments, susceptible to diseases and viruses - not meeting the physical and psychological needs of animals (medical care, vaccinations, barely any food and water etc.) It is a crime against nature and it's time that the world raises their paws and help those who are voiceless in need.

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We need to Stop Puppy Mills and Free the Prisoners for Profit!

It is time that we come together as a world and raise our paws and voices for those that are in desperate need of our help! To long they have been voiceless, treated cruelly and inhumane - having their cries and pleas ignored by so many! We RAISE UR PAW are campaigning to BAN PUPPY MILLS and reach out to the WORLD to bring back kindness to humanity, to see to it that those involved with and run puppy mills are prosecuted and that these "cruel companies" are shut down once and for all ---

We are petitioning that PUPPY MILLS become a thing of the past - not just for the innocent lives of those that are prisoners, but also for the lives of sheltered animals who are waiting for a loving home and family - things they cannot receive while puppy mills are in business. We are the only ones that can give voices to our voiceless, and we need the world's help to make this dream a reality.. Will you help? Will you sign and make a pledge to help out those in need.

OUR VOICES will be heard - No more can innocent lives live in unsanitary environments, susceptible to diseases and viruses, having their physical and psychological needs ignored - treated in a way that no living being should be treated - Animals are not money makers - they are living beings and should be treated that way, FREE PRISONERS FOR PROFIT!

Thank you.

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