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End the Shark Cull! Revoke Australian shark culling programs

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Healthy oceans need sharks!

Right now, around Australia’s coastline, there are stretches of entangling nets and huge baited hooks, just off our beaches. These shark control programs kill thousands of sharks every year, not to mention all the other animals they catch including dolphins, turtles, seabirds, whales, dugongs, rays and seals. This is a lot of carnage for a program with no hard evidence that they are protecting people in the water.

Sharks are misunderstood animals and our fears are not always warranted. Did you know you’re more likely to be killed by a vending machine or a falling coconut than a shark? Healthy oceans need sharks, they play an important role in our oceans keeping marine life in balance.

We do not support the culling of sharks in Western Australia, Queensland, or New South Wales. We ask for an eradication of lethal shark control methods, including drum-lines and beach meshing programs.

We also ask that any future shark mitigation policies are replaced by non-lethal programs so as to attempt to reasonably provide for the safety of people whilst also ensuring much needed protection for our marine environment.

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