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Reform the band TISM and represent Australian at Eurovision 2015

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It's inarguable that since 2004, Australia has been going downhill. In 2015, the downhill slide peaked with our Prime Minister Tony Abbott inexplicably knighting Prince Philip, Tay Swizzle even having a chance at cracking the Hottest 100, and Australia being picked as an official competitor for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Given Australia's proud, long and storied history of voting for incredibly stupid shit and somehow taking pride in it, our official position of being able to vote in Eurovision 2015 will simply take our moronic stances to the global stage. After the embarrassment on the political stage for the past few years, this can't be allowed to happen again. With Eurovision 2015, Australia has a chance to show the world that we've shed the dropkick larrakin image that's been perpetuated since Paul Hogan told people he'd be putting another shrimp on the barbie back in 1984. We finally have a chance to yell at the world that we demand to be taken at more than face value, a chance to scream that our incredibly vibrant local music scene is more than AC/DC's testicular imagery, John Farnham's sixty-seventh final tour, a chance to sincerely apologize for inflicting Nikki Webster upon them at Sydney 2000.

We have a chance to tell the world that goddammit, This Is Serious Mum.

We, the undersigned, humbly request that landmark Australian rock band TISM reform and take charge of the Eurovision stage. Since you left us in 2004, we've had a never ending parade of gormless depressing electro-indie, depressing indie-folk, and depressing Aussie hip-hop. We the undersigned, ask that you get on stage in front of the world and remind them of just how great Australian music is.

We, the undersigned, beg of you - simply make Eurovision 2015...EuroTISM.

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