Better lit streets and parks to insure the safety of all women

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Last night I was absolutely shocked to my core to learn that Eurydice Dixon , a twenty two year old women was raped and murdered in a Melbourne park walking home from her comedy gig. Her body was discovered around 3 am on a soccer pitch. The nineteen year old man turned himself into police as the news quickly spread. Why am I telling you this? Because as a women I am told not to walk home by myself at night time, or do anything without someone knowing where I am at all times, just incase. As a women I know the all too familiar feeling of calling a friend or picking up the pace when walking around a local street. As a women I share this with you to help build awareness about another young lady who’s life was cut short for NO fault of her own. She wasn’t in the wrong place or wasn’t wearing the wrong clothing. She was attacked by a man who didn’t even know her. Now I know my small Facebook post is not going to change too much but if you can take the time to share, or write your own message about this truely devastating attack, you’ll be sharing the message that violence against women is not okay and that as a community we want to see a change. As numbers continue to rise there will always be strong women right there to fight for what’s right. Please sign this  petition to help me continue to fight for such an important cause.