Reinstate Kevin Rudd as Leader of the ALP

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All over the world people are fighting and dying for democracy, desperate for their voices to be heard.

While we are a great democracy, people, Labor members, Labor voters, our voices are not being heard, and our despair is no less relevant. The Labor Government can no longer take our votes for granted, because Trust is the issue.

While the Labor hierarchy debates the reasons for the destruction of our Party in Queensland, the reality is, trust is the issue.

Why are people no longer listening to good policy, why are, we the people, not celebrating good legislation passing both houses, why do we still turn away from the debate, because Mr Abbott's fear campaign is winning, and trust is the issue.

It starts and ends with the Prime Minister, not for her gender, but for her path to the leadership, and the lack of trust in her and those that surround her. The Queensland electorate suffered from the same  mistrust.  Broken promises and a grubby campaign, the  Queensland Labor government should have listened to the people and not to campaign advisers.

The recent leadership challenge was a classic example of  lack of trust, a vicious slander campaign against a man that was democratically elected by the people of Australia to lead us into the future. Our democracy suffered at the hands of those that secretly moved against him behind closed doors, and still you didn't listen to the voices of the people. A  bloodless coup. Then after continuous rumours, leaking of videos, and ongoing media speculation about the leadership Kevin Rudd was forced to resign  from a position that he excelled at. The Vicious campaign against Kevin Rudd is unheard of and is a blemish on Labor's history. Kevin Rudd is an honourable man and is worthy of our leadership again.

Until such time as the Labor party recalls Kevin Rudd to the Leadership, the people will still not hear your message, as good as the policies are, trust is the issue. Quotes such as, "As soon as the money starts rolling in they'll change their minds", is insulting and demeaning, Stop underestimating  the Australian people, and start listening!

To regain the trust of the people and party members, re instate the rightful leader of our Labor Party, reform is critical and must reflect the transparency and democratic process which we the people demand.  Its time to start listening to and learning from your constituents because Trust is the Issue.

Written by Patricia de Heer for 'The Rudd Alliance" & "Kevin Rudd for Prime Minister"

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