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Factory Farms are self-regulated. This means that they can make the rules as to how they treat the animals which are 'processed' through their factories. In reality, it means that they can clip the teeth of piglets with pliers, cut off their tails and if they are male, castrate them. This is done while they are CONSCIOUS and without pain relief.

The natural life of a hen is up to 12 years old. She'll live 6 weeks of interminable cruelty in a factory farm, without seeing the sky or a blade of grass.

I would like the Australian Government to introduce Legislation to Regulate Factory Farms and to STOP this legal cruelty.

If I did this to my dog I would be prosecuted and imprisoned.

If you would like this terrible cruelty to stop, please sign this petition.
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Letter to
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry The Australian Government
Prime Minister of Australia The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
Minister for Agriculture and Food Security The Hon Peter Walsh MP
Legalised Cruelty happens every day in Factory Farms under your watch. You can put an end to this by regulating what happens in these 'factories'. (Better still, ban them altogether)
Please respond by taking action to Regulate Factory Farming and make this cruelty ILLEGAL.

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