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Tik Tok is a globally known social media app popular among young people, used to create and share short videos up to 1 minute long.

The app itself has started numerous social influencing careers not only in Australia, but around the world- some of the most notable Australian creators being; Ian Zaro (@ianz95- 1.9 MILLION followers), Rory Eliza (@roryeliza- 3.2 MILLION followers) and Tara Belle Rose (@tarabellerose- 503.6 THOUSAND followers). Each who's main careers (earning through sponsorships etc.) would be ended due to this unnecessary ban. 

Since its creation in September of 2016, the app had proven to be completely harmless for the most part, with 1.6 million Australians owning accounts as of July 2020.

The app is used by all as a creative outlet for art, dance, acting, sport, comedy and music. Some artists whose careers have been largely posted by the app are; Tkay Maidza, Wafia, Allday, Flume (Flume can be thanked for some of the app's most viral audios), Peach, Cub Sport, Nicole Millar, Hooligan Hefs and countless more. The ban of Tik Tok in Australia would completely erase opportunities for up and coming Australian artists in the future.

Not to mention the app's contribution to the donation and aid supporting Australian-relevant organisations including the Black/Indigenous Lives Matter Movement, COVID-19 aid, and aid to Australian firefighters during the 2020 bushfires. Without the petitions advertised on Tik Tok, these organisations would have been left in the dark and struggled to suffice on donations excluding those contributed with the help of Tik Tok. 

According to 9 News; the ban would also prove detrimental to the company itself, putting around 250 jobs at risk and losing approximately $500 000 per day. 9 News' Technology commentator Trevor Long said any ban on Tik Tok would be a "slippery slope" towards a major amount of tension between Beijing and Canberra "that no one will accept here". 

According to:

The data China is 'collecting' is the exact same as that Facebook and Google collects. If you're going to ban Tik Tok why not these other high status companies?

The ban and/or deletion of Tik Tok in Australia would do more detriment/harm for Australian creators than good.