Decriminalize the herb known as Cannabis/Marijuana for medical treatment.

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At present the government is making cannabis/marijuana oil legal for medical treatment of very sick people but not making it possible for them to get the oil they need in Australia. Doctors don't seem to support the treatment even when it helps people who are dying. I have a brother and sister who both have cancer and I lost a son recently to cancer and I have had a hysterectomy to remove cancer myself, which can return at any time.

I would like to be able to take a natural herb preventative approach like cannabis oil as my treatment. Our government has a duty of care for the well being of Australian people and it's not hard to decriminalize a herb so people can purchase it from their local health shop like other herbs.

I have lost many friends and have many currently suffering from cancer/leukemia. The medical treatment given for cancer at the moment is a short life extension with terrible pain for the patient and long term pain for the family, who only remember the pain their loved ones went through for the last part of their life. The oil seems to treat the cancer without all the pain. So why would we not want to use cannabis oil to treat the illness without pain for the patient and their family.

The legal medical cannabis arrangement cannot work the way it has been set up and people need it now before it is too late. You only get one life and it's important to the owner of that life.

Cannabis and its oil can be used as treatment for a variety of health issues ranging from: Cancer, Leukemia, Epilepsy, Respiratory Assistance(Lung Disease), and any issue that causes small to debilitating amounts of pain.

I would like the support of the Government and the Australian people to change the laws classifying the herbal plant cannabis from a drug to a natural herb.